Time to say goodbye

Over the past few years I have noted that misinformation has become far more prevalent on the internet than actual information. A person can painstakingly read academic articles, distill from them what is relevant and write about that and about their lived experience. Or a person can just make stuff up, because they want it […]

PLE, CIL and the Diagnostic Process

The terms we use to describe this disease can be very confusing. I want to try to use this post to clarify the terms PLE and CIL, and help you understand why your vet might have used both of these terms in making a diagnosis.

When your vet is doing the initial workups to try […]

Please join our new Facebook Community

Blogs and forums do not seem to be preferred ways of providing support these days, so we started a Facebook Group a few months ago, and it’s thriving. Please join us there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/lymphiedogs/

I’m posting the most important blog entries from this blog over there in the ‘Files’ section. We’d love to have you aboard.