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    Cannot log in to new site. Will not even give me a retrieve for password. I tried last evening and again this morning.

  • Rachel

    I hope you still run this site. I need some advice. I am at my wits end. My dog started with her symptoms mid March, several procedures and 10k later we have a dog that is withering away and on a feeding tube. Diagnosis of severe IBD and lymphangectasia. Ive consulted the nutritionist at Cornell and even his recommendations of ground beef and quinoa were devastating. She has been tolerating the Royal Canin PV for awhile now but last few days we are back to the severe diarrhea. In her feeding tube we put a formula called Vivonex. Been doing that exclusively for the past 24 hours and still diarrhea. At this point nothing is working, and Im ready to go out on a limb and try something else. She needs something new. I have a package of the Preference but scared to try it as she is already battling severe diarrhea right now. HELP? What would you do? What have you seen work for others when their dog is in this bad of shape?

  • Hi Rachel,

    I’m still here but my knowledge is a bit outdated these days. There are a lot of commenters still subscribed to the earlier threads I posted here, such as this one, who might have better ideas for you. There is a diet that is kangaroo based which someone here has used with success, but I think you might post on this thread and see of some of those who are more up-to-date with info will have some suggestions for you. There is that thread:

  • Esther

    My dog was diagnosed with LPE/CIL by a specialist after a bout of severe diarrhea and vomiting starting April of this year. After many blood test, fecal and urine test, xrays, antibiotics, and other diarrhea remedies, conventional and well as holistic, nothing worked. At his death door, I rushed him to a specialist,and after more test which cost us our retirement – he was diagnosed with PLE, my dog was given a prednisone prescription, and we were sent home with a prayer. He did not respond to prednisone, so he was given another set of prescriptions (in addition to prednisone) which are Atopica and Leflunomide because according to the specialist my dog, Mugsy also have CLI.
    We had many, many scary moments when we thought we were going to lose our dog. But we persevered (specially my Mugsy).

    Aside from the prescribed medications, the list below helped my dog survived and raised his albumin in just a week from 1.5 to 2.1 and our goal is to raised his albumin to 3.5- 4.5 and to keep it there.

    Food serve alternately to entice dog to eat:
    Prescription Food (hydrolized protein) can and dry kibbles (for variety)
    I add Tilapia, Cod or Hake fish (baked)on top of his prescription food. Or serve alone with instant flake potatoes (prepared using water instead of milk)
    Very lean Turkey cooked in my foreman grill, again served with rice, or potato flakes

    Probiotics (Gutsense by Dr. Dobias), either added to food (make sure food is not hot or too warm), or given by syringe.

    Digestive Enzyme (I used human grade Digest Assure by Dr. Andrew Lessman)

    High Potency B-complex (Another human grade vitamin by Andrew Lessman)

    Turmeric 200 ginger root 200 (also human grade supplement by Andrew Lessman)

    Greemin and Soulfood by Dr Dobias(for organic minerals and vitamins) added to food or given by syringe (this is the way I give it to my dog because he won’t eat the food if it is mixed with it). These are a must, a much needed nutrient for a balance diet.

    Calcium Citrate powder (Swanson brand)

    100% Pure young coconut water (still in the shell and can be purchase at any of your oriental stores or whole food stores in your area.

    My syringe concoction: (because my dogs don’t eat his food if these were mix with it, but these are needed to heal his gut as well as maintain a healthy balance diet, and maintenance.

    Coconut water mix with:
    or any powder supplementation (such the Vitamin B, Turmeric, and Calcium citrate powder if your dog don’t want them mix in his food). This is given to my dogs twice a day.

    The human grade supplementation by Andrew Lessman are pure and high grade. No fillers of any kind. The only supplementation I use for my family as well as my pets with special needs.

    Greenmin and Soulfood By Dr. Tobias are the best organic suplementation specially made for for dogs and cats.

  • Esther


    I mean Greemin and Soulfood by Dr. Dobias, not Tobias.