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Way back in the day, I started this blog, in part, because our old forum was becoming too difficult for me to moderate.  Now that I am retired, I think I’m going to try this again.  I’m noticing that most of us are subscribed to a small number of posts here and the comments are very lengthy.  It would be easier to keep track of conversations if we could do this in a forum format.

I’ll try to make this happen in the next week or so.  If anyone has ideas about it, please let me know.

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  • Patricia Wilcox

    It would allow all to see Notices of Passing if it were a separate category. Not everyone reads all the categories and might miss a notice of a dog’s passing. If a separate place existed,we could all share our condolences with the dog’s
    owner(s) and wish them love and comfort. Just a thought.

  • Louies Mom

    My biggest hesitation with this is that, in the past when I have created forums for various reasons, there have been lots of issues with usability. People nowadays find the blog format and Facebook format easier to use, but I find things get lost too quickly in those formats.

    I have been using forums online for years, so it’s hard for me to understand what it is that is difficult about them. But I am willing to give it a try.

  • Virg, Zoey's mom

    Thank you.

  • Elyse Bowers

    Would love to be able to follow comments. I am having a hard time getting notified when people comment in all the different sections? But I love that we have this site as a resource so I look forward to you doing this.

  • Linda

    I’m all for whatever works, I just appreciate having this site. I did want to post a question, not sure if this is the place. A couple of weeks ago I was sick and forgot to give Machi his prednisone for several days. When I discovered that, I checked the lymph glands in his neck and I thought they would be much bigger, but I think they might have been a tad bit smaller. So I haven’t been giving him any, haven’t told my vet yet, but I have been watching his eating and stool. Has anyone experienced this? It has been 2 years since he was diagnosed. Linda

    • Elyse Bowers

      Linda, Some medications you need to wean off of. I would definitely want to ask the vet. Great if you can get him off steroids!

  • Karen (Abbey's Mom)

    I give this site credit for saving Abbey…what I learned here combined with her wonderful veterinarian, has made her stable. I am in favor of whatever works best for you and is easiest for you to manage. I can adapt to the format of your choice! Thank you for everything you do to help us help our fur babies!

  • Jill

    Whatever you decide to do is great. I really appreciate your efforts. Your site was a real help when our English Springer Spaniel Bodi was diagnosed with CIL about a year and a half ago. He has been stable for months now, after the initial very rough months. He is on the RC low fat diet and after months of treatment and many medications (prednisone etc) he now takes only one Atopica (100mg) a week. I’m hoping he can go off this too if his next blood protein blood level remains stable. Even though we live rurally we have been fortunate to have wonderful local vets.

  • Janny (Sonia's Mom)

    Thank you so much for everything – Sonia lost her battle yesterday afternoon. I’m going to stay subscribed. I’m so thankful for all the support and information that is provided here.

  • Louies Mom

    Thank you all for supporting this idea. I started working on it a couple of days ago but life intervened, with the holiday and a few other things that I’ll share soon. I hope to have it ready for a test drive in a few more days, so stay tuned.

  • Farley's Mum (Patricia)

    As many others will tell you, it is so difficult
    to say goodbye to a faithful companion. My
    condolences to you and your family.
    I lost my Farley in October and looking
    at his pictures still breaks my heart. So sorry
    again for your loss.

  • peter (makita's dad)

    Dear Louies Mom,

    there is so much information here. Forums are great as they allow for ongoing discussions. One thought is to streamline the number of forums so that they are topic specific. This is easier said than done. It is like building a website and trying to make it as intuitive as possible.
    If it were me, trying to create website headings or topics; I might choose something like: CIL 101 (what is is, how it is diagnosed, beginner steps) TREATMENT (Finding VET Specialists, Meds, Diets, Ongoing Tests) UPDATES (ongoing discussion from those who are fighting the disease) IN MEMORIAM

    In the end, I will continue to post here as your site saved my beloved Makita.

  • Farley's Mum (Patricia)

    That “In Memorium” is exactly what I was thinking
    but could not put in words at the time. Thank you Peter
    What do you say Louie’s Mom? (about that and the rest of Peter’s idea?)

  • Louie's mom

    Yes, this is what I am planning. A long time ago, we used to have a forum but there was a lot of arguing and there were people passing along dangerous bits of misinformation, as well. I was working full time then and didn’t have time or energy to police it all.

    At this point, I’m willing to try again and am slowly putting the pieces together on the site. I’ll be seeking volunteers to moderate the board. Requirements would be at least a year since diagnosis, a thorough understanding of what is required and a willingness to call out poor advice in a kind and professional manner. Moderators will have a six month service period after which we will bring in some new people to relieve those who are ready to move on.

    There will be sections for general discussion, for dietary tips, for medication tips, for off-topic stuff and for memorials. There may be additional sections added, as I see a need for them. I don’t like to break forums up too far because in my experience the general discussion forum tends to be the one people use most and people who don’t use the “search for new posts” function will not really look at the other forums very often, so pleas for help receive less response.

    Thanks for your interest. If you’re interested in moderating the new forum, please respond here. I can’t guarantee everyone will have a spot.

  • Louie's mom

    Sorry, I meant to say that I can’t guarantee everyone will have a spot on the moderator roster, but I will do my best to make the volunteer effort the best it can be!

  • Lisa Bower

    I have a very sick 6.5 year old bulldog with these disease. IBD and Lympahgiectasia , severe protein losing enteritis serve peripheral edema.
    This has been going on since late september. I have been reading the blog faithful and the sweet potatoes really helped with the diarrhea He is with an internist that seems very knowledgeable. We have spend $12,000 thus far. Last thing we did was the human albium transfusion and it worked well for about 2 weeks. He is still active , eats drinks etc. but his biggest issue is the huge swelling of his belly and getting bigger. Not sure what to do -think the vet thinks it is hopeless and he has had the plasma many times the thing that begins with an H didn’t work.

    he is on predisone
    chlorambucil (just started this in place of cyclos-can’t remember _very expensive and I didn’t think it was working)
    and I just order him slipper elm bark (in capsule form 400 mg not sure how much to give to him or at all?)

    he is presently on sweet potatoes and white ground turnkey and need to give him his pills in low salt skinless turkey breast (boars head so no gluten etc. or he won’t take meds-try everything), he was on a hydrolyzed diet but I order chicken flavor by mistake so waiting for a new bag looks like oyster crackers-he was on a royal canon prescription diet pros

    any feed back on slippery elm or if he has the constant fluid building in his belly is it time to put him to sleep?

    He is an amazing dog!! my best friend. thanks for your help

    lisa Bower

  • Elyse Darby's mom

    Lisa, is your dog having trouble breathing? We had to have our dog tapped when his belly gets too full. The doctor uses a syringe and pulls out the fluid. Your doctor needs to be careful doing this as they can nick an artery or the heart. Hoping someone can also comment on this if they have had it done.

  • Louies Mom

    We have a new space for our CIL discussions! Please join us at
    I hope everyone who participates here on a regular basis will take the time to join so that we can stand as a united force helping new owners cope with this disease.

    Thanks for being here!


    Hi. My name is Phyllis Davis. I am Buddy’s human or momma. Buddy is a rescued Boston Terrier. He was given to me when he was about three years old. He always suffered from allergies and has tear stains on his face. The vet has treated him for allergies in the past. I always made sure he had current shots and flea and tick medication. His temperament and personality complements mine perfectly. He has eaten Blue dog food and Cesar. He has traveled with me to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Nashville, all over Florida and all the states in between. I am single and he is the only pet I own.

    Buddy was diagnosed with “presumed” lymphangectasia with IBD being ruled out over Memorial Day weekend (2016) by Med Vet in Columbus, Ohio. His initial symptoms was blood in diarrhea. He had severe albumin and calcium levels. An ultrasound revealed there was no thickening of the gastrointestinal tract and no signs of cancer. He was treated with prednisone and a low fat diet. The next week, Buddy began vomiting and had diarrhea. He would not eat. He was taken to an associate in his vet’s office. She lowered his prednisone to 1/2 pill and prescribed sucralfate and Cerenia. Buddy became more ill and the diarrhea and vomiting continued. I took him to his regular vet who gave him a shot of prednisone, 2 week antibotic and an antineausa medication on 6/23. Finally, the vomiting and diarrhea stopped but he wouldn’t eat the special diet (Royal Cannin or Hills). I took him to another vet who suggested euthanasia. The blood work indicated Buddy was going into kidney failure. I took him back to Med Vet where the blood work there confirmed the prior test. The vet also suggested euthanasia.

    Buddy never stopped drinking water and urinating. I started giving Pediatric Electroliyte on Saturday (6/24) a couple teaspoons every hour in a syringe (the same way I had to administer his meds). After about three times, Buddy started eating small amounts of scrambled egg with cheese and a small piece of chopped ham Saturday night (6/24). After seeing the vet yesterday, he ate a half a saucer of goose liver and this morning he ate about 1/4 cup of chicken, broth, and white rice. I am gradually increasing his food intake. I took Buddy to a familiar park this morning where he had his first bowel movement in about five days.

    I don’t believe my vets understand a lot about Lymphangectasia. Many of the suggestions for his diet I have used came from other parents of dogs with lymphangectasia who have posted on the Internet, God bless you. I know Buddy’s fight is far from over but it seems he is improving. Please pray for him.

  • Elyse B.

    Phillis, I don’t know what area you live in. I might guess it is near Columbus, Ohio. I would like to suggest some of the School for Veterinarians. For instance Texas is close to me and I took my dog to Texas A & M. I think someone else had good luck with UC Davis. I also looked up clinical studies and found Penn state. You are right regular vets don’t have alot of experience with this. After spending $7,000 I can tell if he truly has this disease what I personally have learned is not to give him anything with fat. No cheese. Talapia and white rice was what they had my dog on. Eventually after being on that for a few months we started to add back some nutrition. I got a prescription for Balance it. You can go to their site and it is a little confusing to order it, I had to call and get them to explain it. But you can supplement what ever food you feed him and they formulate it to what that is. So if it is fish and rice than they balance it to that. You can not keep changing food. This is upsetting to a dogs system with this disease. So if you were to stick with goose liver and that is working then they will add what is missing. My vet at A & M did not want me to feed eggs. Not until his numbers changed. Yes there is a lot of protein which they need. But she told me healing the gut was more important. Also very small amounts of food several times a day. I fed my dog 3 times a day. Morn, noon, night. Most likely he will need to be continuously on Prednisone. I am not a Vet and am not trying to give medical advice just sharing what I learned. He really needs to go to someone who understands this disease as it is very complicated. If he gets diarrhea or he has difficulty breathing he really needs to be seen. Our dog when he had trouble breathing needed to have a tap done to his cavity. There are medications for this disease and the only one you mentioned was prednisone. There are several others he should be evaluated to be prescribed. Please ask away any questions you have and I hope you will keep us updated about Buddy. I will say a prayer for both of you.

    • Phyllis Ann Davis

      Thank you for the advice. My finances are limited but i amin the process of gaining credit so i can take him to OSU. The vet gave him a slim chance of surviving yesterday. She only prescibed cerenia for pain. His regular vet has him on sucralfate as well as prednisone.