Sleepy Muffin, Busy Mom!

Hello everyone,

I know we’ve been very quiet lately so I wanted to write a quick update to let you know what’s happening here in Muffin Land!

Louie has beens struggling with a couple of issues.  He’s had a urinary tract infection that we haven’t quite been able to clear, so we’re still working on that.  And he’s been awfully tired lately.  The tiredness could be due to his CIL (Canine Intestinal Lymphangiectasia), since the disease robs him of protein.  So one of the things we’re doing is adding a bit more protein to his food, and that seems to be helping.

He’s also on a new course of antibiotics, called baytril, which will last for three weeks.  That should be plenty of time to get rid of those nasty bugs and make sure they stay gone.

In the meantime, mom (that’s me) has been going through all kinds of very challenging stuff at work.  It’s a very busy time and we’re not finding the time to spend at the computer that we used to find.  And when we do find time, we’re spending much of it on a couple of new endeavors that we’ve created.  So mom’s awfully busy.

But Louie is doing very well, all things considered.  With the additional protein in his food, he seems to be perking up quite a bit, and the UTI is no longer bothering him.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for these problems to be temporary and for mom to get a little breathing room soon!




Louie’s mom

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