Please join our new Facebook Community

Blogs and forums do not seem to be preferred ways of providing support these days, so we started a Facebook Group a few months ago, and it’s thriving.  Please join us there.

I’m posting the most important blog entries from this blog over there in the ‘Files’ section.  We’d love to have you aboard.

The new forum is now live!

We have a new space for our CIL discussions!  Please join us at

I hope everyone who participates here on a regular basis will take the time to join so that we can stand as a united force helping new owners cope with this disease.

Thanks for being here!


  • Louie’s mom

Adding a new forum

Way back in the day, I started this blog, in part, because our old forum was becoming too difficult for me to moderate.  Now that I am retired, I think I’m going to try this again.  I’m noticing that most of us are subscribed to a small number of posts here and the comments are very lengthy.  It would be easier to keep track of conversations if we could do this in a forum format.

I’ll try to make this happen in the next week or so.  If anyone has ideas about it, please let me know.